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Early Childhood Development

The Healthy Communities Initiative has been a four-year joint effort led by the Federal Reserve System and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) to bring together community development, finance and health leaders from around the country to learn more about each other’s work and find opportunities for collaboration. Over the years, Burness has provided communications support for regional events under the Healthy Communities umbrella, including managing social media, engaging federal policymakers and community-level leaders at events, developing a Build Healthy Places website to serve as an online hub for collaboration, hosting webinars in coordination with regional meetings, conducting media promotion, and developing event messages and collateral.

Over the next three years, Burness will also support the National Partnership for Community Development & Health, which represents an important next stage for the Healthy Communities effort. The partnership will focus its energy and resources specifically on the intersection of the community development industry and the public health field, helping these sectors work together to build communities that thrive. Burness will work with the partnership to develop a strong digital presence through social media and online branding, host webinars and Google+ Hangouts, write and design collateral materials, provide video stories, conduct media promotions and provide ongoing strategic counsel.