Training Workshops

In our increasingly “connected” society, we are bombarded by 24-hour news, tweets, texting, status updates and online banter. How can you influence people so they don’t just hear you but are motivated to act? It takes message development and practice to find a voice that truly connects with media, policymakers, peers and the public in a memorable way. We focus on messaging—what to say and how and when to say it—so that you can educate, secure funding, move policy, and be part of creating social change. We train with personalized and intensive in-person exercises and coaching and also offer sessions by webinar. Our curriculum options include:
  • Being memorable,
  • Messaging,
  • Controlling an interview,
  • Working with policymakers,
  • Storytelling,
  • Persuasive writing (op-eds or blogs),
  • Social media overview,
  • Social media 201: How to use specific tools,
  • Panel discussions with journalists and policymakers,
  • Strategic communications,
  • Crisis communications and
  • Effective presentations.