Public Policy Engagement

We help our partners develop and deliver messages that not only educate policymakers and key advocates about their issues but also inspire them to become champions. We know the issues. We execute creative outreach strategies. We coach our partners through every stage of the process. And we help build long-lasting, impactful relationships.

Our policy engagement services include:

  • Advising on how and when to engage with policymakers at all levels of government;
  • Developing strategies for working with policymakers, their staff and the advocates who influence the policy process;
  • Translating research into policy-relevant products—including briefs, fact sheets and infographics—and disseminating to target audiences;
  • Leading in-person and virtual trainings and workshops that teach nonprofits how to engage policymakers;
  • Facilitating meetings with policymakers and guiding follow-up;
  • Organizing briefings, roundtables and other policy forums; and
  • Using media advocacy to target messages and policymakers.