Creating a Seismic Shift in How We Approach Health

Work with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

In Wake of Leaders’ Murders, Fighting for Land Title—and Justice—for Indigenous Ashéninka in Peru

Work with the Ford Foundation

Reducing the Vulnerability of Our Global Food Supply

Work with the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT)

Protecting African Herders from Harsh Weather

Work with the International Livestock Research Institute

Treating Jails as Part of the Health System

Work with Community Oriented Correctional Health Services

Raising the Bar for Community Colleges

Work with the Aspen College Excellence Program

Filling the Void of Doctors and Nurses in Africa

Work with Seed Global Health

Elevating World-Class Environmental Science

Work with the Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement

Teaching Parents About Children’s Pain Through Social Media

Work with the Mayday Fellowship

Galvanizing Pain Leaders to Advocate for Better Care

Work with the Mayday Fund