From the Streets of DC to the Halls of the Capitol

By Michele Alexander, April 17, 2018

This piece was originally published in Above the Noise, Burness’ Medium publication. Check it out here

After seeing more than 200,000 people march for their lives in Washington, DC, with thousands more joining them around the world, I believe we have the momentum we need to create change on the issue of gun violence. But, as a policy wonk and communications strategist, I found myself thinking after the march: how do we take this conversation from the streets to the halls of the Capitol, where the policies get made?

When I was a grad student, I researched this very question.

The answer lies with a powerful group of gatekeepers, a group that stands between us and the congressmen and women who make our nation’s laws: congressional staff.

Congressional staff are the first to meet with issue advocates and constituents, to hear stories and listen to requests. Often, they are the ones who decide who does and does not meet with a member of Congress. Due to their influence over what comes across a member’s desk, meeting with the correct staffer — the one who manages your issue — is just as, if not more, important than meeting with the member themselves.

So, how do we reach them? My research shows there are four ways to help your message resonate.

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