Meet Nine People About to Change the World

By Max Hedgepeth, April 28, 2016


I’m optimistic about the future of our world, our ability to address the issues and challenges we face.

Why? As administrator for the Frank Karel Fellowship in Public Interest Communications, I am fortunate to read dozens of applications and resumes of some of the brightest, most passionate college students in the US—all of whom are interested in working for social justice.

The Karel Fellowship is an experiential program for minority and first generation college students committed to creating positive change in the world. Each summer, seven to ten fellows are selected to get firsthand experience in public interest communications as interns for some of the best nonprofits in Washington, DC. Burness manages the eight-week fellowship, and welcomes the cohort to Bethesda for learning sessions, guidance on closing presentations and always delicious Bethesda lunches.

The 2016 fellows have been announced, and, like previous cohorts, they are impressively diverse in their interests, skills and accomplishments. Academically, they are remarkable; professionally, the same. Most important, they hail from all over the country and represent backgrounds much broader than that.

From as far as Arizona, Florida, Minneapolis and Massachusetts, and pursuing majors from Business and Political Science to the studies of Women, Gender and Sexuality, the 2016 cohort of fellows comprises a uniquely talented group of students selected from the program’s largest-ever pool of applicants.

Here’s a snapshot of the fellows and where they’ll be interning:

Karel Fellows

To learn more, head to the Karel Fellowship website and visit the Karel Fellowship Facebook page. Once you meet the fellows, I think you’ll be as optimistic about the world (and their futures) as I am.

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